How ‘Call me By Your Name’ reclaims Eden for gay people everywhere

Luca Guadagnino’s Oscar-nominated film, written by James Ivory, presents a brilliant and radical retelling of the biblical myth.


My dear mom, You said that you hate the way I am; In essence, negating the best part of me: The courage to say I am different; The truth that…

Towards Just and Inclusive Communities: A Statement on Sec.377 of IPC

“As followers of the non-conformist Christ…our call is to reject all laws that demonize, criminalize, and exclude human beings, and work to facilitate just inclusive and loving communities.” – NCCI

19th January, 2018: *GB “Shake it शुक्रवार”*

*GB “Shake it शुक्रवार”* 🕺🏼🕺🏼💃🏼💃🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼 It’s a *Friday* nite party – *19th Jan* from 9.30pm onwards @ *The Liquor Factory* Entry – Rs 500 only. For any event-related queries please…

Baby Steps, Short Gay Film

Baby Steps is one that caught our undivided attention! A beautiful, heartwarming and lighthearted 10-minute short film about a young man coming out to his mother about being gay and…

India’s New Age gurus believe sexuality may be fluid – but not brutal structures of caste, gender

The guru becomes the shepherd and his followers give up all wolf-like and goat-like aggression and autonomy to become passive submissive sheep, ready to donate wealth and provide free service (seva) to a vast institution that the guru does not own (hence detached), but certainly enjoys (hence engaged).

No historian writes about LGBTQ history in India. Why?

The interpreter of mythology explains the importance of pluralism and diversity.

Devdutt Pattanaik Reveals The Queer History Hidden In Indian Mythology

“You have no clue how much love can accommodate, do you?”