Report: GB Meet – 6/1/19

I am socially very awkward and weary of any such social outings, but I decided against my better judgement to go for it and I am glad I did.

2nd December, 2018: GB’s Film Screening

GB’s Film Club Screening THIS SUNDAY, December 2nd @ G5A Foundation near Mahalakshmi Station. Directions: Films: – 1.30: The Wound (South Africa, powerful film on where tradition and sexuality…

2nd September, 2018: A report on the Third Annual Siblings meet

This Siblings GB meet was all about siblings sharing their coming out and acceptance stories with everyone . Queer coexistence with the rest of the society was widely discussed along…

A long overdue report

I have been meaning to write this and it is long due. I joined GB in December 2016. When I decided to go for this meet organised by the same…

Towards Just and Inclusive Communities: A Statement on Sec.377 of IPC

“As followers of the non-conformist Christ…our call is to reject all laws that demonize, criminalize, and exclude human beings, and work to facilitate just inclusive and loving communities.” – NCCI