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Baby Steps, Short Gay Film

Baby Steps is one that caught our undivided attention! A beautiful, heartwarming and lighthearted 10-minute short film about a young man coming out to his mother about being gay and his mother in turn talking about her new relationship. The film truly captures the nervousness, resistance and hesitance that comes with falling in love. From… Continue reading Baby Steps, Short Gay Film


“I’m at Bandra station thinking of committing suicide…”

Hello. Umang Sheth, a founding GB member, since 1998, desperately wants to help and reach out to guys who are low and depressed. In his own words, he wants “to make them feel safe, confident and hopeful.” Who better to give a testimonial for him than one of those he helped. "I stood at the… Continue reading “I’m at Bandra station thinking of committing suicide…”

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A Mother’s Take

They say the purest love is unconditional. Watch a glimpse of how it can be. #supporttheparent #gaybombay

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Wentworth Miller’s Bold Show of Support for LGBT Rights

Actor and screenwriter Wentworth Miller, best known for his role on the Fox series “Prison Break,” came out as gay on Wednesday in an open letter in which he declined an invitation to be a guest of honor at the St. Petersburg International Film Festival in Russia. Citing Russia’s recently enacted anti-gay “propaganda” law, Miller,… Continue reading Wentworth Miller’s Bold Show of Support for LGBT Rights

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The GayBombay Bandra Meet

17th May, 2013 The history of the Gaybombay Bandra Meets dates back to the last millennium. The first meets happened in town – but they were shifted to a more centralized location so people from all over the city could commute easily. So they shifted to Bandra. The venue was decided as the Bandra McDonald’s… Continue reading The GayBombay Bandra Meet