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The GayBombay Bandra Meet

17th May, 2013 The history of the Gaybombay Bandra Meets dates back to the last millennium. The first meets happened in town – but they were shifted to a more centralized location so people from all over the city could commute easily. So they shifted to Bandra. The venue was decided as the Bandra McDonald’s… Continue reading The GayBombay Bandra Meet


If you need counselling:

Here are some links that we have compiled to help those who need help: Deepak Kashyap Counselling & Training Services The Humsafar Trust Samaritans

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Perin Ilavia’s Article

Have you contemplated how you'd react if you discovered your child was gay! Would you rupture a nerve or would you react with equanimity? Talking to a cross section of people, I found most of them reacted - Gay?!! Homosexuality has been prevalent in every strata of society and always swept under the carpet and… Continue reading Perin Ilavia’s Article

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by Deepak Kashyap What makes some people gay and not others? Being gay or straight is not in someone’s hand. Geneticists and other researchers are looking at many areas like epigenetics (hormonal effects on turning on and off of a gene), genetics (DNA make-up), pre-natal hormones and brain structure. Despite all the wonderful and expensive… Continue reading QUEER STRAIGHT ALLIANCE: QUESTION AND ANSWERS

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Deepak Kashyap is a trained counselling psychologist in REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) and CBT ( Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). He deals with clients with day-to-day emotional disturbances, depression, anxiety and anger. He also takes a keen interest in dealing with parent child relationships, marital and pre-marital counselling, divorce counselling and sexuality counselling particularly for the LGBTQ community.… Continue reading DEEPAK KASHYAP, COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGIST