Review: Made In Heaven

A personal review on the Amazon web series, by Harpreet.

17th February, 2019: GB Valentine’s Weekend Picnic to Korlai Beach

Hurry and register for the GayBombay Picnic to Korlai.

25th January, 2019: Club Neos presents GB’s MACHO Bar Nite

*Club Neos presents GB’s _MACHO_ Bar Nite* on 25th Jan 😉It’s gonna be a Friday *Late Nite Rockking Krazzy Party* from 9pm onwards. Entry with *Rs 500 before 10.30pm* and…

3rd February, 2019: GB Versova Meet

Time: 6 pm (18 00 hours), assemble at Gate Number 4, Versova Metro Station.

Report: GB Meet – 6/1/19

I am socially very awkward and weary of any such social outings, but I decided against my better judgement to go for it and I am glad I did.

13th January, 2019: GB Goes Kite-flying

Gay Bombay’s signature event “Makar Sankranti Rainbow Kite-Flying Event” returns this month, on Sunday January 13th evening, from 4 to 8 pm at Silver Beach, Juhu ( the area between…

6th January, 2019: First GB Meet of 2019

6th January, the first Sunday of 2019!

19th Oct, ’13: Karma Presents GB Party this Saturday Nite

Karma Presents GB Party this Saturday Nite – 19th October 13. Date: Saturday – 19th October 13. Time: 9 pm to 01.15 am only. Cover Charge: Rs 800 – To…