30th September, 2018: The 5th GB Annual Talent Show

Liberated at 20! This year, our 20th Anniversary celebrations coincided with the fabulous Supreme Court Verdict on Section 377! As it is our Anniversary Month, we at GB hosted several…

GB Talent Show – General Rules and Guidelines

GB Talent Show General Rules & Guidelines A play/musical is limited to 45 minutes maximum. A troupe/group act is limited to 20 minutes maximum. An individual/duo act is limited to…

The GB Talent Show Auditions – Are now CLOSED

As you all know that September is the month in which GayBombay celebrates its birthday! Through that month, GB hosts several events spaced through the city. One of those events…

8th October, 2017: The 4th Annual GB Talent Show

A night that kept a crowd, of over 600 souls, enthralled!

8th October, 2017: 4th ANNUAL GB TALENT SHOW

Date: 8th October, 2017; Time: 4:30 PM Onwards