The night was a night to remember. The auditorium was large enough to accommodate nearly seven hundred audience members. The wings were adequate to move about. The staff were averagely helpful, their interference was the least though, in the setting up of sound and décor of the stage, which is always a blessing in disguise… Continue reading The GB Talent Show, by Harpreet S

The GB Talent Show, by Harpreet S

Dearest GB, The meet was glorious as usual, before writing anything else I apologize for not being a part of the group photograph, I do indeed do not photograph well. It was a very pleasant evening, this was the third time in my life I have attended a birthday cake cutting ceremony that was not… Continue reading Charltonjacob on GB Versova Meet

Charltonjacob on GB Versova Meet

- Guys who attended the meet for the first time ever were warmly welcomed. - People who attended pride shared their pleasant experiences and stated that the size of activist population in pride was remarkable. - Language barrier within community was highlighted. Sachin Jain notified that an initiative to avert such cause is already taken… Continue reading Pratik on the Post Pride Bandra Meet

Pratik on the Post Pride Bandra Meet

By Saloni When I found the GB website, I was just looking for someone to talk to. A judgement free and liberal environment. This Sunday’s meeting with the people associated with this group was actually my first interaction with the gay community in such an open fashion. I guess I was expecting a more serious… Continue reading Saloni on the GB Bandra Meet

Saloni on the GB Bandra Meet

“Tera saath hai toh mujhe kya kami hai andhero mein bhi mill rahi roshni hai “….. these were the lines which were going in my mind when we were there attending GB’s 15th yr celebration meet…. so this was the first meet I attended We started off with the trip to a beautiful house ..(thanks… Continue reading Vikas on GB’s 15th Anniversary

Vikas on GB’s 15th Anniversary